The soul of the painting

In this painting I wanted to have fun painting the biodiversity that lives in the waters of planet Earth.

The Oceans in our planet are huge and mysterious, full of color and balance.

My intention creating this painting was to capture the beauty and the love that I feel from the ocean, and hopefully, share this feeling though my art.

I also wanted to raise awareness of how important is to respect and preserve the beautiful world that lives underwater, and I believe that if everyone loved the oceans and all creatures that live within, balance and respect for our waters would follow.

I’ve always found the world underwater very fascinating and mysterious, the design, shapes and colors of life underwater have never stopped to amaze me.

In this painting I wanted to include the beautiful intelligence of creatures like the jelly fish, or the octopus, both fascinating from a biological and artistic point of view.

I also paid special attention to the lighting in order to capture the atmosphere underwater, with many colors and reflections.

This piece its an homage to the waters of this beautiful planet that we are so lucky to live in.

The process

I started the painting using very soft layers of watercolor, living some spaces without paint to be able to visualize how the lighting on the painting would go.

At first I didn’t have a precise idea of how the painting would look like, I wanted a point of view from underneath the water, maybe surrounded by rocks or with a small circular cave, and layer after layer I started to see and construct the structure of the painting.

For this painting I did few sketches before starting the painting where I observed the shapes and colors of corals, rocks and creatures that I could use later on on the painting. This helped me to make decisions much faster during the painting process and to be more familiar to the subject and the colors and shapes that I would use.

After several watercolor layers, I started using gouache to get more thick and pigmented layers. I started to add more definition to the areas of the painting.

In the video you can see me adding a white layer of gouache to the brighter areas of the painting in order to achieve the blending of the light that I was looking for.

Once all the basic shapes and lighting was in place I started adding more and more details.

I finished the painting using colored pencils in order to add texture and definition. I also used a white gel pen to add some bright little details that gave a bit more dimension to the painting.

Judit Marti

Pre-painting sketches