Autumn bear A3 print PRE-ORDER


PRE-ORDER of prints made from the painting Autumn Bear.

Prints will be printed in 300g recycled paper in A3 size

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I started this painting in Autumn 2021, without a defined idea of what it was going to look like, I just wanted to reflect the peace and beauty that autumn brings.

After selecting the size of the canvas, (one of the biggest sizes I’ve painted in 2021) I started by lightly coloring the paper with autumn colors. The placement of the colors started giving me a sense of what the painting could look like and little by little the picture that you see now started coming out.

One of my favorites things about this painting it’s the red semi-transparent layer that starts in the sky and merges into the mountains and the lake. Looking at this particular area I feel the bright, beautiful and colorful autumn, and at the same time the peace and lightness that the season brings.

I enjoyed a lot painting the bear, bringing all the different colors in the fur was fun and challenging, but the most interesting part of the bear, for me, was making the eyes, it took me some attempts to get them to have the feeling that I wanted. The bear is starting to feel the cold that comes with autumn and peacefully and being one with nature, its looking for a place to spend the winter and hibernate.

Nature is an excellent teacher everything in our planet its connected to it. Autumn makes this connection with nature very visible, and it chooses a magnificent color palette to show it. In this painting I wanted to show this connection that reminds me that I am also connected to nature and therefore I am also experiencing autumn inside of me.

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Technical info:

PRE-ORDER of prints made from the painting Autumn Bear.

Prints will be printed in 300g recycled paper in A3 size

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This is a PRE-ORDER sell all the prints will be printed during the month of January 2022 and we will start Shipping the order starting on February 2022.



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